We can embed images of drill cuttings on the mud logs.  Here are examples (click image to enlarge).

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Here are two short video clips of solvent "cut" tests that show oil leaching from drill cuttings into a solvent under ultra violet light.

Below is a simplified illustration for those that are not familiar with the geological setting of the upstream oil & gas industry.

When high volumes of gas are encountered, it creates a dangerous condition on the drilling rig.  To mitigate this risk, the gas is separated out of the drilling fluid and torched at the end of a flare line as shown in this video.

Mud Logging

We offer two levels of basic mud logging service.

"Two-Man" Service:   Our recommended Two-Man service ensures our mobile lab unit is manned 24 hours per day with each mud logger working a 12 hour shift.  With comprehensive, round-the-clock manned service, our mud loggers can assist the geosteering and alert the operator when critical formations are encountered.  Mud loggers can also stop drilling progression if Drill Stem Tests or Coring Operations are scheduled.  With Two-Man service, the mud loggers collect drill cuttings samples and keep one set of dry samples.

"One-Man" Service:  Our economical One-Man service is accompanied by automated 24-hour lab unit computers and gas analyzers.  Rig hands are responsible for collecting drill cutting samples; the one-man mud logger prepares one set of dry samples, daily reports (i.e., keeping the log updated), and the mud logger is ‘on call’ at any time during the drilling progress.

Real-Time Mud Log

 If the operator provides internet service to the mobile lab unit, a real-time mud log is available at no additional charge.  For an additional fee, a real-time mud log can be made available for smart phones, iPads and other tablets.

Experience & Clients

Our experience covers broad areas of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Our clients include operators such as: XTO Energy, Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Antero Resources, Range Resources, Quicksilver, Williams Companies, Republic Energy, Samson Resources, Conoco-Phillips, Burlington Resources, Canan Mowrey, Sojourner, Bridwell Oil Company, Gunn Oil Company and others.


We will work diligently to provide quality mud logging and well site consulting service to assist in your efforts to drill and exploit energy resources.  Please contact M. I. Phillips Geological Consultants.  We know you have a choice and we value the opportunity to work for you!