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The Cavitator™ motorized gas extractor is shown here mounted on a shale shaker.  The design is based on the extraction of gas from the drilling fluid via the vortex induced in the fluid by cavitation.  It is another remarkable innovation from iBall Instruments.  This simple concept results in a gas extractor which is not as susceptible to fluctuations in the drilling fluid level as other conventional extractors are.

The Bloodhound readily interfaces with our computers and is configured to receive WITS data from either PASON or TOTCO and seamlessly feeds data into MainLog.

The Bloodhound natural gas detector is one of the most technologically advanced systems available for measuring and analyzing the component gases in drilling fluids.  It has also been used by the DOE for carbon sequestration studies.  The reliability, portability and ruggedness of the suitcase design is outstanding.

This screenshot is a computer display of the Bloodhound electronic drilling recorder and gas chart.

See the Bloodhound™ at  www.iballinst.com/bloodhound/ and the Cavitator™ at www.iballinst.com/cavitator/ for complete information about these tools.

Infrared Equipment

We use iBall Instruments' state-of-the-art Bloodhound™  gas detection equipment for total gas measurement and gas chromatograph analysis of the first 7 hydrocarbons (methane through normal pentane).  The Bloodhound also has the capability of detecting  hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.  This notably superior gas detection system is the result of iBall Instruments' commitment to innovation, research and development. Visit the iBall website to see just how advanced this system is. www.iballinst.com