Visit the MainLog™ website to download the free Office Viewer at  For a full demonstration, go to to learn how this extraordinary program can manipulate and analyze data.

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Here is another screenshot of MainLog displaying data curves and other information in a horizontal view of the mud log.  Also shown here are Gamma Ray curves imported to show the well bore path in relation to the target zone.  As the measured depth of the lateral well bore increases, you can import Gamma Ray curves from other nearby well bores, much like a cross-section, to more closely represent the gamma signature of your target as it changes laterally across the reservoir.


Our mud logs are compiled using MainLog™ software, the most powerful and versatile mud logging software available.  This interactive program uses both vertical and horizontal graphical displays of data to give the geologists and engineers the ability to utilize custom data tracks and gas ratios, among other tools, to evaluate the well bore.  It's more than mud logging, it's geotechnical analysis.

In the screenshot below, you can see that we imported the LAS file from the electric log suite into MainLog.  Then, using Custom Tracks, we displayed the SP, Porosity, and Resistivity curves on the right hand side of the mud log.  The Gamma Ray and Caliper curves are displayed in the DRILL RATE track on the left. The red, blue, and yellow flags shown in the DRILL RATE track represent postings of show reports, pictures, and morning reports.  They can be opened and viewed by clicking on them.

For example, the following MainLog screenshot displays standard mud log data along with two Custom Data Tracks on the right side of the mud log.  The WET-BAL Ratio track through this section of the borehole illustrates the Wet Ratio and Balance Ratio curves crossover (shaded green) correlating to visual oil shows in the drill cuttings with fluorescence and cut along with heavy gas in the drilling fluid.  The DRILLING track is displaying the curves for WOB, RPM, PP, and SPM through the interval.  You can also display a curve for Torque in the DRILLING track. The Custom Tracks function of MainLog has the ability to display as many as 10 custom charts, in addition to the standard charts, with up to 6 data curves on each custom chart.